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Insulin Pen Accessories

ipSOX is a great product if you are treated using an insulin pump. Many type 1 users around the globe are however being treated with Insulin Pens!

Introducing … PenTrim The fun accessory for your Novo Nordisk FlexPen, NovoPen Echo or NovoPen 4. A simple way to enjoy a fresh change to the medical device you use everyday. Get a wrap to make an exciting change to your insulin pen giving it style and personality to match you as an individual! Take advantage of our multiple offers with reduced price PenTrim wraps now! - See more at:


This is what the flower wrap looks like!

PenTrim flower wrap


This is the paint splash wrap!

PenTrim paint splash wrap


Get yours today by heading to the site now!

If you find any other insulin pen accessories you find useful or like the look of - get in touch with us and let us know! We want to list them all here to help people find the cool stuff that is out there!

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